Home Page Home Page Elusive Leads provides quality corporate contact information to savvy recruiters, stockbrokers, researchers, and other sales professionals. We've gone to great lengths to generate the most extensive and up to date library of compiled corporate employee phone directories in America. Choose from thousands of specific companies. In addition, choose from a wide array of association member directories, country club members, university alumni resources, and other unique databases. Custom Development Services are available.

Elusive Leads is a network of Staffing firms, Researchers, and Stockbrokers who have teamed together through ElusiveLeads.com to share the valuable resource of corporate directories. Our clients have built an extensive database of "who's who" in the ever-growing Corporate World, identifying companies of every industry. Most employee phone lists detail the name, DIRECT DIAL, and department of each employee. In addition, many research lists detail the job title, e-mail addresse, and even the manager or assistant of the staff.


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